Viper Quartz Wet Polishing Pads 4"

Viper Quartz Wet Polishing Pads 4"


Uses: Granite, Quartz, Marble, Engineered Stone


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Viper Quartz Wet Diamond Granite Marble Quartz Polishing Pad

Stop the Bleeding!

The Viper 7-step, Quartz Polishing Pads are designed for use on all types of engineered stone to give you a long service life and great polish without the bleeding found in lesser pads.

Scientifically Engineered Features:

  • Designed especially for Quartz products, like SileStone and Cambria
  • Will not bleed or stain stone - so you don't have to worry about starting over
  • 4" pads are Hook & Loop backed - so they don't fly off your grinder like a frisbee at a frisbee dog competition
  • Long life - so you don't have to buy pads as often
  • For wet use only
  • Use from 1500-5000 RPM for fast high quality polish
  • Higher quality diamonds with multiple edges are used - so the pad does what it's suppossed to do longer
  • Up to 3 time more diamonds per pad than competitors' pads
  • Guaranteed consistency by computer-controlled manufacturing system