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Only the VIPER Brand Takes a Bite Out of Your Projects!

Braxton-Bragg’s Viper line includes the highest-quality diamond blades, core bits and pads, as well as fabrication accessories from protective film to boots. It was the first private label pad in the stone industry, manufactured in Korea because of their superior diamond adhering processes and quality consistency.

Viper allows quick and efficient fabrication without chipping, because of the large segments and coarse diamonds. There is a Viper and Viper Venom blade customized for any hard surface.

The Viper line is a comprehensive source for all your daily fabricating needs.

Viper Wet Polishing Pads &
Why They're Better?

There is a reason why these pads have become fabricator’s favorite. The achieved results and polish quality, both creates shine and depth in natural stone. They are longer-lasting than other cheap, Chinese-made pads. They are competitively priced to offer the best value and the greatest bang for the buck.

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Granite, Marble & Ultra Compact Surface Cutting Options

Only Viper offers you the full line of blades that take a bite out of the competition. For years, the granite blade has proven itself to be the best of the best when cutting natural stone.

Followed by the introduction of the tile, marble and porcelain blades proved that what the customer needs and wants is a reliable blade that chips less and cuts straight.

The newest addition to this great blade lineup is the Viper Venom blade. These blades are specifically designed to outperform and deliver on cutting of Ultra Compact Surfaces that have become very popular in the countertop industries in the recent years.

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As natural stone fabricators having the right tools, even if they seem unnecessary, are needed to complete the job and to do it cleanly. The Viper Brand and the line of products has grown just for that reason – to help you get the job done!

Products under the Viper Den umbrella will keep you dry, safe, and ultimately more efficient at your job; resulting in best results done by you.

Some of the products are adhesive cups, adhesive stir sticks, eye protection glasses, gloves, cup wheels, hearing ear protection muffs, steel toe boots, aprons, and many others. In short, we’ve put everything in one place so that shopping for these smaller tools and supplies is easier and faster to purchase.

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Viper Brand Delivers!