Touchstone T-2000 Epoxy Setting Adhesive, Net 1 Gallon

Touchstone T-2000 Epoxy Setting Adhesive, Net 1 Gallon

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Touchstone T-2000 Epoxy Setting Adhesive, Net 1 Gallon

"One of the Most Versatile Adhesives on the Market..."

TouchStone T-2000 Epoxy Setting Adhesive is a two part knife grade consistency system that is probably one of the most versatile adhesives on the market. It is great for setting green marble, heavy duty stone tiles, granite and marble countertops. It can even be used for stone fireplace surrounds.

TouchStone T-2000 Epoxy is often used for tiling shower floors and walls. It cures strong and moisture doesn’t affect its bond. It is ideal for use outdoors and indoors, as well as areas that will be submerged underwater. This adhesive epoxy can be used on wood, backer board, metal, concrete, plastic and other difficult-to-bond areas. The typical working time of TouchStone T-2000 Epoxy is approximately 4 hours, so any adjustments can be made before the epoxy sets.


  • Strong adhesion to lots of different surfaces
  • Offers very strong bond
  • Working time of 4 hours
  • Water clean-up
  • Can be used outdoor/indoor
  • Great for tiling and stone setting
  • Not affected by moisture
  • 100% solid epoxy adhesive
  • Works on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Ideal for bonding pool coping stones or tiles
  • Great for uneven surfaces