Stone Pro Trigger

Stone Pro Trigger

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Stone Pro Trigger For Overhead Crane

The Trigger is a heavy-duty overhead crane attachment, designed to assist and make the material handling process safe for personnel in the slab warehouse environment.

It allows you to safely position the clamp over the end of the slab, index the clamp at the desired lift point, and press the latch release button on the hand-held remote, eliminating potential injuries and liability claims.

The Trigger has a weight rating of 2200 lbs. Lifting more than one slab at a time with this device is NOT reccomended.


  • I’ts powerful Lithium cell allows for longer operating cycles between charges
  • The device is equipped with a military grade charging port and smart charger
  • The remote is compact, making it easy to carry in any pocket
  • Available with a handy break-away lanyard to wear around your neck for a more convienent access