Braxton-Bragg’s Supreme Surface Stone Care Program

Braxton-Bragg firmly believes in offering not only the best products for stone fabricators and installers, but also in providing our customers with a way to retain and maintain great working relationships with their customer base. This is why we have launched Supreme Surface Stone Care Program for stone fabricators that purchase their supplies directly from us.

Supreme Surface Stone Care ProgramIt is easy to sign up and we do all of the work for you! All you have to do is let us know that you’re interested in becoming a participant in this program and we will print for you custom postcards and brochures to hand out to your clients and prospective customers interested in your countertop services.

The postcards and brochures will be printed with your company name and address. The |Your Business Name & Address| will be replaced with your pertinent information to let your customers know how to contact you directly.

You will also receive a unique discount code that is linked to your Braxton-Bragg account, so that we can track your customers and for you to receive a rebate from us when someone purchases Supreme Surface Products.

Supreme Surface Stone Care Program Brochure
Below is the message that will be printed on your custom cards and brochures:

|Your Business Name Here|

|Your Address Here|

|Your Phone Number Here|


Your counters are porous and can stain. As a courtesy, |Your Business Name Here| has applied a special sealer to protect against staining. However, while this sealer is durable, it is not permanent.

Therefore, |Your Business Name Here| recommends the all-natural Supreme Surface line of cleaners and conditioners.

Typical store bought cleaners can strip and destroy the natural beauty of your stone. Supreme Surface cleaners and conditioners are designed to work with your stone's natural properties to enhance the stone as you clean. In other words, by applying Supreme Surface on a regular basis, your stone's natural beauty will improve over time - not fade.

For more information about Supreme Surface cleaners and conditioners, visit us at:

Use discount code:

|Your Discount Code Here|

To receive 10% off of your first order.

For more information about this program, please contact one of our salesmen at 800-575-4401.

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