Sinkmate Tracker TS8 Saw

Sinkmate Tracker TS8 Saw

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Sinkmate Tracker TS8 Saw

Sinkmate Tracker By Edgemate Stone Tools

Tracker's patent pending design allows the operator to step cut a curved countertop.

Tracker TS8 uses a standard 8" turbo blade and follows a template for your straight and curved cuts. Tracker was designed to step cut while following the straight inside edges of a sink template. Tracker's heavy duty pivot gives the operator a very accurate plunge cut and a trigger to quickly release the spring to lift the blade out of the stone. This design allows the saw to be quickly repositioned for the next cut. Tracker's has two flange wheels following the edge of the template. These wheels are adjustable so the operator can change the distance between the blade and the template.

Notice: Please read and understand the Owner’s Manual before operating any machinery to avoid damage or risk of bodily injury.