Sinkmate Bandit RB2 Variable Speed Router

Sinkmate Bandit RB2 Variable Speed Router

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Sinkmate Bandit RB2 Variable Speed Router

Bandit RB2 is a variable speed router and was designed to clean up and polish the sink hole following the same template as Chopper and Tracker.
The base of the tool has a rotating collar that follows the template. This collar's position is adjustable with a leadscrew to change the distance between the abrasive and the template. This patent pending design allows the fabricator to adjust the machine to make a smaller sink cutout using the same template and adjust for the changing diameter of the abrasive, as it becomes smaller due to wear.

Edgemate Jig System

The product is a jig system that utilizes #5106 Bandit RB2 to create a euro-miters.

Has 2 matching jigs to aid in the grinding back both sides of the seam
Jigs are reversible for a left or right sided seam
Adjustable to allow for different size set backs on the notch side of the seam. This is useful to keep the edge profile a true 45 degrees miter before the seam line turns towards one of the back walls
Adjustable to compensate for less than or greater than a truly square L-shaped top
Made of 1/2" plastic, each measure approx 17" x 45" and weight approx 15 Lbs.

Notice: Please read and understand the Owner’s Manual before operating any machinery to avoid damage or risk of bodily injury.