Shipping & Delivery Information

Faster Service Guarantee

Because your time is important, we do our best not to waste it. When you call us, a knowledgeable salesman will answer your call, not an answering machine. Our website is fast, easy to use and crammed full of useful information and training videos. You get your order placed fast. If you order today by 5:45 pm, Eastern Standard Time (EST) on the web or phone, we will ship today and it will be delivered within two days. If your order will not fit on the truck we will find the fastest way to get your order to you, no matter where you are.

Braxton-Bragg 2 Day Shipping

Standard Shipping for orders weighing less than 70 pounds is 2 Day Delivery, which is FREE for orders of $250 or more to ALL 50 STATES. Orders less than $250 are charged a flat rate of $13.95. If an order contains HazMat items and must be shipped via air service, a charge of $65.00 will be added. To avoid HazMat charges, a customer may elect to split the order into an air shipment, including non-HazMat items, and a ground shipment including the HazMat items. Heavy items requiring truck shipment and all sink shipments will be charged freight. For international orders, we will obtain a freight quote and call for your approval before shipping.

Reporting Damaged ShipmentsBraxton-Bragg USA Shipping Map

We inspect all orders carefully before shipment. We try our best to pack and ship items to be as damage proof as possible. However, if damage does occur during shipment, please contact us immediately.

For Truck Orders: Please inspect the product thoroughly before you sign for it, while the driver is still there. If you find damage, while the truck driver is still at your location, please call Braxton-Bragg immediately and we will instruct you on how to proceed. If you sign the bill of lading as being OK and there is damage, we will work with you and the carrier to resolve the issue.

For UPS: Inspect the contents thoroughly as soon as you receive your package. Please call Braxton-Bragg immediately if there is any damage. Braxton-Bragg reserves the right to repair or replace damaged items.

Shipment Delivery To PO Box

P.O. BOX: We are unable to ship to Post Office Boxes.