Section 179 Tax Deduction

Let us help you maximize your 2019 Deduction Potential

  • Protect employees and reduce installation injuries
  • Improve your fabrication shop’s efficiency
  • Make sure to meet OSHA regulations

Take a look at the amazing savings on this example of an equipment purchase, or visit this savings calculator to see what your company could save!

Call us today at 800-575-4401 to take advantage of our massive year end specials on products that may qualify and help your fabrication shop enter the 2020 year strong.

Material Handling like a Pro-lift Cart, Tables, Drywall Carts, Slab Racks or fabrication equipment like Bridge Saws, and a Fab King Work Center. Dust Booths, HEPA Filtration Machines, Vacuums, Dehydrators, Floor Grinders and Polishers, and much more!

A quote from the Section 179 website:
“Taking the Section 179 Deduction on financed equipment might be the most profitable business decision you make the year.”

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