Scorpion 7-Step Wet Polishing Pads 4"

Scorpion 7-Step Wet Polishing Pads 4"


Uses: Granite,
Type: Dry or Wet


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Scorpion 7-Step Wet Polishing Pads

The Industry Famous "Less Than Ten Bucks" Pad

Now proven to outperform pads costing 2-3 times more!

Scorpion Wet Diamond Polishing Pads deliver quality performance on granite at an economy price. Designed to outperform pads that cost 2 to 3 times as much -- and save you hundreds and perhaps even thousands of dollars over the course of a year!

All Braxton-Bragg diamond polishing pads are made from high quality, multi-angled, coated diamonds.

Why multi-angled diamonds matter:

Unlike round, un-coated diamonds that are often used on low priced polishing pads. Multi-angled diamonds polish faster, with a greater luster and coated diamonds bond more strongly with resin to provide a longer life.

Why you'll love them:

  • Economical, professional quality
  • Very flexible
  • Fast polishing
  • Good life
  • Outstanding polish
  • Recommended RPM is 4,000. Maximum RPM is 5,000
  • Less than Ten Bucks per pad