Zares II 3D Optical CNC Measuring System

Faster. More Accurate. No Downtime.
The Stone Industry's Most Accurate 3D Optical CNC Tool Measuring System.

Take back the time lost and money spent on tool calibration with Zares II. Save big in the first year of operation alone!

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  • Telecentric lens calibrated up to 5 microns accuracy
  • Hi-resolution digital camera
  • Lens encasement - heat treated to stabilize fluctuations in temperatures
  • Consistently level, oil suspended automatic spindle
  • 10 sec/tool scan time
  • 2.5 min/set consistently scan time
  • Tool wear & life data sets
  • Over 38,000 data points per tool
  • Concentricity reports
  • 3D to 2D tape rollout
  • Drawings automatically created from factory
  • Full integration - Park, Northwood, Brembana (and others upon request) for entering tool offset data automatically
  • No chance of type errors
  • Fully offline, no need to occupy machine operating time
  • Over 2.5 years in measuring 10,000+ tools with zero machine down time
  • Zero service requirements on parts needed to date
  • Increases tool speed and life based on verified removal rates (no more guessing)
  • Measurements sent automatically to your CNC machine
  • Tools automatically aligned
  • Tools scanned in a calibrated spindle, in full 360 degree
  • Machine Dimensions: 47" L, 24" W, 13" H
  • Weight: 170lbs