RTC Razor Wet Diamond Saw Tile Blade, 8"

RTC Razor Wet Diamond Saw Tile Blade, 8"

Country of origin
South Korea

Uses: Granite, Marble, Quartz, Porcelain, Tile, Ceramic
Type: Wet Use Only




Arbor Size5/8"

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RTC Razor Wet Diamond Saw Tile Blade, 8"

The T3 Razor is the quietest, fastest, most accurate tile saw blade you’ll ever use.

The RTC Porcelain T3 Razor features a thin kerf, specially designed core and slots that keep the blade running cooler, which improves the blade's lifespan.

Extreme Precision - New Super Core technology makes the thicker blade core have less deflection and track more precisely than other diamond blades.

Reduced Noise - The blade core also sandwiches the rim, limiting vibration and greatly reduces the noise level the saw makes when in operation.

Faster Cuts - This blade also features the thinnest continuous rim, and everyone knows that the thinner the rim, the faster and smoother the cut!


  • Thinnest Kerf (.05″ thickness) - delivers the smoothest, chip-free precision cut possible
  • Thicker, Sandwiched Core - reduces noise and provides less deflection
  • Cuts ceramic porcelain tile, and also marble, granite, quartz
  • Specially Designed Relief - keeps the blade running cooler, lasting longer
  • Soft Bonded Rim - designed to cut into hard materials with ease
  • Wet use only