Razor Blades, Spreaders, Mixing Cups & Sticks

Razor Blades, Spreaders, Mixing Cups & Sticks


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Razor Blades, Spreaders, Mixing Cups & Sticks

We've got the little things that make a big difference in how smoothly your shop runs.

Tired of Cheap Razor Blades?

Our blades are made in The USA and deliver the quality that you expect. Others offer "price point" blades made of low quality steel. Once you try our blades you will never use anything else.

We have the Razor Blades, Mixing Cups, Utility Knives and Stirring Sticks that you need for all of your stone adhesive applications. And don't forget the Latex Gloves!

Braxton-Bragg has you covered!

Don’t forget to get the Adhesive Spreaders when working with any glue or epoxy. These spreaders are top of the line and are not as hard as some other ones out there that you can’t flex. These adhesive spreaders will give a little when some pressure is applied, without breaking.

You can use them for applying an equal amount of adhesive on the stone surface when laminating edges. They can also be used with stone sealers for spreading the liquid and distributing it evenly across the countertop.