Raimondi Large Format Tile Cutting Guide Extension, 5' (TC5LFEXT)

Raimondi Large Format Tile Cutting Guide Extension, 5' (TC5LFEXT)

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Raimondi Large Format Tile Cutting Guide Extension, 5' (TC5LFEXT)

Cut Tiles Up to 10 Foot Long in One Pass

As technology improves, Large Format Tiles are becoming more and more popular in home remodels by the customers.

The tile industry has seen an increase in demand for these larger tiles, but it’s always been tricky to manage and cut such big tiles and breakage has always been an issue. Large Format Tile can cost thousands of dollars and breaking one or more due having to outdated cutting tools can ruin a business. Raimondi has taken the lead in inventing the right tools that perform exceptionally well and offer an easy way of cutting these big tiles in one pass.


  • 5 ft. guide for cutting large format tile up to 10 ft. long (with extension)
  • 3 suction cup to lock on the tile on each 5 ft. section
  • Guide for cutting big tiles/slabs up to 10 ft. 6", (320 cm )
  • To reach the maximum cutting length 10 ft. (320 cm ) you need to combine the "Free-Cut" #15033 (TC5LF) guide with extension #15034 (TC5LFEXT)
  • Dismountable for the ease of transport and handling
  • Made in extruded aluminum and galvanized steel
  • The guides are properly afixed to the slab with three 4-3/4" suction cups
  • Breaking pliers for tile max thickness 1/4" (6mm)
  • 1/2" (12mm) cutting wheel

Includes: Carrying case with cutting pliers, cutting-unit and side squares.