Quick Change 7" Plate For Edco Machine

Quick Change 7" Plate For Edco Machine

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Quick Change 7" Plate For Edco Machine

Lavina by Superabrasive produces superior results

Superabrasive is the only manufacturer of diamond floor grinding tooling that has the capacity and expertise to make their own diamond powder and their own diamond tooling and their own grinding and polishing machines.

In other words, they are the only company that understands concrete floor polishing from the beginning to the end.

Other firms make a portion of the solution and thus understand only a portion of what it takes to get truly outstanding results. With Lavina, you get the whole package. It’s that simple.

We have adapter plates for HTC, Sase, Klindex, Husqvarna, and Diamatic floor machines.

Now you can use the superior quality Superabrasive diamond tooling on your existing equipment.

But, when you're ready to move up, check out our Lavina Pro line of floor polishers, for the best in the business!