Omni Cubed Lam-Clamp

Omni Cubed Lam-Clamp (10-Pack), 10"

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Omni Cubed Lam-Clamp (10-Pack), 10"

The Lam-Clamp has revolutionized countertop edge laminations by exceeding traditional methods in efficiency, seam quality, and durability. The Lam-Clamp's patented design features hidden clamp threads, which protects them from epoxy contamination, so they outlast any other clamps on the market. Available in six sizes for truly customizable application. The shorter lengths wrap easily around curved edges, while the longer lengths are ideal for speed and efficiency.


  • Save time and money; reduce clamping labor by 75% or more
  • Superior speed, quality, and durability
  • Consistently achieve tight, even seams
  • Patented hidden thread design prevents epoxy contamination
  • Large handles provide more torque for easy tightening
  • Long-lasting, rust-free, quality components
  • Clamping range: 1.4" - 2.6" (36 mm - 66 mm)
  • Six lengths available: 5", 10", 2', 3', 4', 6'