Mark-E 4 In 1 Standard Shower Kit (DVD Included)

Mark-E 4 In 1 Standard Shower Kit (DVD Included)

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Mark-E 4 In 1 Standard Shower Kit

This shower kit makes improvement and modifications of your existing shower very easy to do.

The 4-In-1 Standard Shower Kit includes:

  • 2 Kirb-Perfect
  • 1 Pre-Pitch
  • 1 Quick-Pitch
  • 1 Positive Weep Hole Protector
  • 1 Center Ring

Kirb-Perfect is for building a perfect shower curb every time. It can be used with or without a 2 x 4 wood curb on any size shower. Kirb-Perfect is designed to be used with a pan liner and can be easily cut with hacksaw, PVC cutters or grinder. It is economical, lightweight, non-rotting plastic that works great with the Quick-Pitch System.

The Kirb-Perfect Kit includes: 2 side panels (5-1/2" H x 30" L) and 1 top panel (4-1/2" W 2"x 30" L).

Pre-Pitch is a unique, stay-in-place screeding tool designed for use underneath shower pan liners. It is a unique tool that creates the proper sub floor slope (1/4" per ft.) needed underneath the pan-liner to manipulate the water towards the weep holes that are an integral part of shower floor drains. By having a pitch under the pan liner, water that passes through the mud bed is now directed to the weep holes instead of being trapped between the mud bed and the liner. This 'ponding' or collection of water is where many mold and mildew related issues originate. It is easily cut with hacksaw, PVC cutters or grinder and is used on wood sub-flooring or concrete floors. It is also economical, lightweight, non-rotting plastic.

Pre-Pitch Kit includes: 6 float sticks (1/8" - 7/8" x 36" long)
Pre-Pitch Extended Kit includes: 6 float sticks (7/8" - 1-5/8" x 36" long)

Quick-Pitch is a "Goof Proof", simple, quick and easy shower installation system. A center ring is placed over the drain and the tapered float sticks are attached, leaving you with a perfect 1/4" fall per 12" run.

The Standard Kit fits 3' x 5' showers. Extra float sticks are for custom shaped showers, and the extended float sticks are used where the walls are more than 3 ft. (but less than 6 ft) from the floor drain.

Positive Weep Hole Protector is for use with the Quick-Pitch and Pre-Pitch shower installation kits. It is a drainage disk for placement around a drain opening in a floor. Positioned between the floor pan and the mortar laid over the floor pan. Valleys in the disk provide drainage from the pan to the weep channels in the drain receptor.