Majestic Diamond Granite Polishing Pads, 3-1/2"

Majestic Diamond Granite Polishing Pads, 3-1/2"


Uses: Granite, Terrazzo, Concrete
Type: Dry or Wet


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Majestic Diamond Granite Pads

Diamond Granite Pads are Designed to Last When Put to Work on Granite, Terrazzo & Concrete

These long-lasting diamond pads for polishing granite, terrazzo and concrete floors made the cut to be one of our featured product.

At Braxton-Bragg we closely monitor the satisfaction of our customers. And it's clear that stone polishing professionals buy these pads for their durability as well as the superior polishing results they produce. Use wet or dry.


  • Excellent diamond concentration
  • Restores the color & gloss
  • Quick switch Velcro backing