Majestic 5X Polishing Powder, 45 Lbs (MAJR03045)

Majestic 5X Polishing Powder, 45 Lbs (MAJR03045)

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MFR Item #MAJR04037

Size / Volume45 Lbs.

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Majestic 5X Polishing Powder, 45 Lbs (MAJR03045)

Ideal For Restoring Shine to Stone Surfaces

Majestic 5X Polishing Powder For Maintenance Of Polished Stone Floors

5X Polishing Powder is a professional grade stone polishing powder for restoring a beautiful shine to your stone surfaces.

It's also ideal for periodic maintenance of polished stone floors and worn or etched areas. It can be used on marble, travertine, terrazzo and other calcium based stones. It’s recommended that you always test a small area to check for desired outcome. The approximate coverage area is 250+ ft./lb.


  • Maintains a beautiful and natural look for your floor
  • Removes light scratches and etch marks
  • Very user friendly!