5 Reasons Why Our Customers Choose Braxton-Bragg

(and why you’ll want to call us when placing your next order…
and the next… and the next… and the next)

We identify the best tool and supply manufacturers in the world. Our customers benefit by getting the best quality tools on the planet.

We develop relationships with those manufactures and have them make our house brands (Viper, Talon, Scorpion, Hercules, Stone Shield). Our customers benefit by getting consistent quality we can test and control.

We eliminate all middlemen and middlemen products. Our customers get the savings created by eliminating the middlemen without sacrificing quality.

We continuously upgrade the quality of our offerings so that we offer the highest quality product and best value for money. Our customers get the latest technology and advances automatically with every order.

We work with our chosen manufacturers to offer products that save labor (about a third of total expenses in any shop). Our customers get access to tools and supplies that work the way they’re supposed to work the first time - many are brand new innovations never seen in the industry (I-brace, Dishwasher Bracket, etc). This saves time and labor, and time is money.