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Repair & Warranty

Tool Repair - Save Time - Ship your tool repairs directly to the authorized tool repair dealer.

For more information, please contact Braxton-Bragg at 800-575-4401. Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. EST

Braxton-Bragg performs warranty service, as well as repair for the following manufacturers:


 Hercules Routers

1 year

 Hercules Power Tools

90 days


6 months

Please contact the manufacturer for any repair service on the following:

 Manufacturer  Warranty Contact Number
 Abaco  6 months 310-532-0366
 Bosch/ Skilsaw  90 days 877-754-5999


 90 days



 1 year


 Metabo  1 year 800-638-2264
 M.K./ Barranca  1 year 800-421-5830
 Omega Diamond  1 year 530-889-8977

 Omni Cubed

 (Pumps require registration)

 1 year 877-311-1976
 Power Adhesive  1 year 704-334-2425
 Radionic Hi-Tech  2 year 773-804-0100


 (Model & Serial# Required)

 2 year



 6 months 615-522-9703


 (Machines require registration)

 3 year parts

 3 year labor


 Wood's Powr-Grip

 1 year


Proof of purchase (invoice copy) must be provided for most manufacturers. Each manufacturer has specific warranties and no other warranties are expressed or implied by Braxton-Bragg. Manufacturers may change terms listed above without notice. Contact the manufacturer for RGA number and address for product return. Shipping charges are not included in warranty or service and are the responsibility of the customer.

Any products returned to Braxton-Bragg that are not under warranty or serviced by Braxton-Bragg will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense.