Bank of Cardiff

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Dear Customer:

Over the years Braxton-Bragg has dealt with a variety of leasing and equipment financing companies. Some were good to work with; however, some were a nightmare for us and a worse nightmare for our customers.

As the economy begins to recover you may feel that the time is right to invest in new equipment. I have been told that bank credit for contractors in the construction industry will be very difficult to obtain for the foreseeable future.  If you have a good banker willing to lend, be thankful. If not, you may want to explore financing options.

We have agreed to work with the Bank of Cardiff to offer financing options to our customers. They have promised to process applications quickly, get you an answer quickly and behave in a courteous and respectful manner. Our past experience with Bank of Cardiff leads us to believe that they will perform as advertised.

Braxton-Bragg does not receive any financial compensation, finders’ fees, kick-backs, or any other form of financial inducements from Bank of Cardiff or any other financial institution. We make money by selling product, not by lending money. We have decided to work with Bank of Cardiff in order to help our customers purchase what they need because we think credit will be hard for many of our customers to obtain. There are other financing firms that we will work with, but there are also firms that we will not work with.  If you have questions about a specific firm, call our credit department.  Like any other financial transaction, we urge you to do your homework.

I think you will be happy with the services provided by the Bank of Cardiff. If you feel that they are not living up to what you expect, please call me at 865-293-0230.

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Thank you for shopping at Braxton-Bragg.

Rick Stimac
CEO, Braxton-Bragg

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