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The Latest Braxton-Bragg News!

Spooky, Scary, Stuff!

Braxton-Bragg hosted a little get-together for the kids this year at the HQ. There was scary music, cupcakes, bowls of sugar in all color and form, and the kids loved it!

Fresh, New Website Re-design!

The latest news in Braxton Bragg world is that we’ve updated the look and feel of our website. The main difference that you’ll notice, if you’ve visited us in the past, is on our Home Page. We’ve added image categories, so that it’s easier to get to the product(s) you need or are looking for much faster. This new layout is also more user-friendly with other electronic devices and allows a user to get to where they want to be within our website a lot more quickly.

Braxton Bragg CategoriesYou’ll also notice that when you take your mouse cursor over an image, it will highlight that image with a shade of light yellow. Hopefully this will allow you to see where you are on the page without ‘loosing’ the placement of the mouse cursor. We’ve also added this shading on all of the subsequent category levels.

In addition to refreshing the look of the Home Page, we’ve moved some things around. We've added, as well as taken out some unnecessary information. The important links about our company and our policies are now located at the bottom of every page. This will allow you to navigate to additional website resources faster from anywhere within our web site.

We hope you find these changes suit your needs better and enable you to look up our offerings more quickly. If you have a suggestion or notice that something is not working as it should, please feel free to shoot us an email at We love hearing from you!

Braxton-Bragg Team


New Viper Diamond Profile Wheels

It's a FACT, Fabricators Are Making the Switch to Viper Diamond Profile Wheels... Designed to give you professional results using a router, when fabricating stone countertops. These fabricator-tested router bits use a special manufacturing process that bonds an extra-thick layer of diamond abrasives to help you achieve great results.

Viper Router Bits


Viper CNC Tooling

Braxton-Bragg now offers superb quality CNC Tooling in the six most popular profiles for your CNC machine - and at a drastically reduced cost from what you're use to paying! Our Viper CNC Tooling is the only CNC tooling system featuring a 6mm layer of diamonds on each profile wheel, including the polishing steps, ensuring the longest tool life in the industry.

Viper CNC Tooling


  • 7 Faster Steps
  • Superb Quality
  • Precision Specs
  • $50 EDM For Life Of The Tool Through The End Of 2014
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Download Viper CNC Tooling Chart
For more information, please visit Viper CNC Tooling page.


New Raptor Portable Saw

The Raptor Saw

You have to see it to believe it!
See the actual video shot at 2013 Coverings Show.

Unlike conventional rail saws, the Raptor glides on a film of water, all but eliminating the chance of scratching the stone.

See more info here - The Raptor Portable Saw.