Tools For Granite, Marble, Tile, Polished Concrete & Stone Restoration

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Cheaper Prices!
It’s YOUR money and YOU work hard for it. We respect that by saving YOUR money. If you find a cheaper price anywhere else, call us and we will beat it. If you find a cheaper price within 7 days of purchasing a product from us, call and we will write you a check for the difference.

Payment Options.
We accept American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa, wire transfer and bank debit cards. Orders may be placed by phone, fax, mail or from this website. Customers with established Braxton-Bragg open credit terms will also receive their regular credit terms and contract pricing for orders placed through the website. To enable open credit terms or wire transfer for purchases, call us so that we can activate this feature for your website account.

Credit Terms.
Your good name is all we need to setup open terms. We offer a 30-day open account that is designed to cover routine supplies purchases. Call Rhonda at 866-291-9613 (Fax: 865-688-8254) to introduce yourself and discuss your needs.