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RTC Grouting Sponges

Grouting Sponges
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RTC Hydro Extra Large Sponges, 25 Pack thumbnail 16185

RTC Hydro Extra Large Sponges, 25 Pack

Country of origin: China

Our Price: $33.78  

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The Original and STILL the Best Grouting Sponge on the Market

Don't be fooled by look-a-likes and knock-offs at your local big box tool store...

RTC Products Grouting Sponges are the original formula sponges that were brought overseas from Greece many years ago. The formula has remained the same- Buy the best at the best price!

Why it's better:

  • Special Hydrophilic design has high water holding capacity.
  • Rounded edges to prevent “digging out” or marring of grout.

Hydra Tile Grout Sponges.

are the best polyester sponges on the market. They are Hydraphiliated - an extra manufacturing process that gives these sponges tremendous water holding capacity, more than any other polyester sponge!

The HYDRA SPONGE is the preferred washing sponge by professionals. They are more durable than any other polyester sponge and more cost saving than any natural sponge. They wash out clean, dry soft, and are always uniform in size and quality.