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Floor Restoration & Maintenance

Looking for Big Savings on Stone And Terrazzo Restoration & Floor Maintenance Products? 

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With years of foot traffic, all sorts of spills and dirt being tracked in from the outside, most floors become worn, gray and lose their shine.

That's why we have the floor machinespolishing powdersscrubbing pads and stone cleaners that allow you to successfully restore and maintain the natural beauty of these floors.

Whether you’re looking for a floor machine, stone restoring powder, stone cleaner or simply other accessories, you can be assured that Braxton-Bragg has what you’re looking for.

Best of all, we have it in stock and can ship it faster than any other distributor;

Plus we offer these products with big savings -- GUARANTEED!

Also, check out our inventory of our stone sealers and stone adhesives as well for making stone repairs and sealing natural stone. These products bond fast and penetrate deep, so that the repaired floor lasts for many more years to come.