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Mark-E Goof Proof Shower Products

There is no easier way to remodel your shower than to use Mark-E 4-in-1 Standard Shower Kit!

Braxton Bragg has this complete shower component kit for custom shower waterproofing and tile preparation. 

If all you need is to get the correct slope of the floor, so that the water drains correctly, we also carry the Pre-Pitch and Quick-Pitch products. These great shower products are used to create the optimal slope of a shower floor and they take the guess work out of the equation.

Mark-E Industries has been the leader when it comes to innovative products for your home. Products like the Kirb-Perfect Shower Curb and Handi-Kirb make installation quicker and more cost effective on your business.

Due to a lot of moisture in the bathroom, one has to make sure that the waterproofing is done right. Water is one of the most destructive elements that can affect structural building integrity. Making sure that the walls, floor, and shower areas remain dry should be a top priority when doing a remodel.

That's why Noble recommends a waterproofing membrane such as Chloraloy and Noble Wall Seal to prevent the water from getting into the substructures.

Fabricator's Tip: Worried about learning a new product? The 4-in-1 Shower kit comes with a DVD so you'll know all the secrets to do the job right the first time.