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Drill Bits And Guides For Tile

Viper Vacuum Brazed Marble And Porcelain Core Bits

These vacuum brazed core bits have been designed specifically for coring marble stone. They work great on marble tile, as well as harder porcelain tile. When used in combination with the Pilot Guide Drill Bit, you have greater success in making sure that the hole and the core will be precise. The guide also helps in preventing slippage of the bit during the initial stages of drilling.

RTC Porcelain Pro Bits

If you’re looking to bore holes and cleanly penetrate hard porcelain, glass, or granite tiles, look no further! We have personally tested Probits in our shop against other “so-called” porcelain bits, and the results speak for themselves: these are the best bits we offer for porcelain drilling jobs.

Artu Multipurpose Drill Bits save you time, money AND frustration.

Stone Pro Vacuum Template For Core Bits

This template tool was developed to make coring holes in the shop or at a customer's home much easier. The Coring Vacuum Template is easy to operate and works with most commonly used core bits on stone or marble. Attaching a wet shop vacuum to the back provides the necessary suction for the template to lock securely in place on the stone surface and evacuate the water and slurry produced while wet coring.