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Raimondi Tile Tools

Braxton-Bragg is proud to bring you the best tile tools by Raimondi.

Just try any of their products and you'll see why Raimondi is the industry leader in innovative technologies for the tile and stone trades.

Their 3 part goal is simple:

  1. to improve the quality of the finished work,
  2. to increase productivity, and
  3. to reduce operator fatigue.

The Raimondi name carries with it decades of leadership and quality tile and stone machines.

Founded by Micro Raimondi, who initially apprenticed under his father’s guiding eye until 1960. The company formally opened its doors in 1974 to offer innovative technologies for the tile and stone trades.

Raimondi has always focused its product research on the end user: the tile-setter.

That's why every single item, from the simplest tool to the most complicated machine, is developed according to the needs of the professional.

Raimondi creates products aimed at the professional and they understand that as a professional you expect quality.

This quality is fully guaranteed by Raimondi. Each item is monitored through the development, design, and assembly stages, which are then carefully checked again at the end of each production cycle.

Braxton-Bragg is currently distributing one of the best Tile Leveling Systems, as well as Raimondi Grout Floats and Suction Cup For Textured & Smooth Surfaced Tile.