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Our Competitors Say Braxton-Bragg Is Unfair...

Good Products.

GREAT Prices...

Sometimes we buy too big and our loss becomes your gain.

As you may know, we're all about buying big inventory and paying with cash so you don't have to.

It's how we keep items you need and want in stock and how we can deliver such great prices.

However, sometimes we get a bit eager.

So, every year we evaluate all our products as we prepare for the new catalog.

During this time we look at the products you're buying... your feedback, etc..

Then we decide what stays and what has to go. The "has to go" items end up on this page.

Now, you may think you'll only find stuff on this page near the end of the year.

However, the fact is, this is a year 'round process.

Just about the time we get one catalog year done, it's time to start running the numbers again.

The good news in this process is YOU SAVE BIG!

So take a look around... maybe even bookmark this page... and come back often. You never know what you might find.