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Wet Granite Polishing Pads

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Viper 3-Step Wet Polishing Pads

Use These Wet Pads In Your Shop For A Deep Rich Shine and Gloss...

Wet Polishing Pads are preferred for use in the shop because they generate the highest level of shine and reduce the amount of dust particles to a minimum by keeping them from becoming airborne.

We have wet polishing pads for every budget and every project. From single pads to the very popular, new Viper 3-Step System: all are designed to save you time and produce great results every time!


  • Wet polishing pads offer superior polish
  • Minimize dust when polishing
  • Less expensive than dry pads
  • Flexible, durable design offers longer life

Looking to create something unique?

Try the Viper Antiquing Brushes for that unique, rustic look!