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Hercules Universal Sink Harness Kit

Hercules Universal Sink Harness Kit

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Hercules Universal Sink Harness Kit

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Country of origin: United States

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Hercules Universal Sink Harness - Demo

Over 450,000 Sold Since Inception!

The Hercules Universal Sink Harness is the best sink mounting system available!

Use the Hercules Universal Sink Harness and complete the project in minutes!

Time and Money Saving Advantages:

  • No need for brackets or scrap wood.
  • No drilling into expensive countertops, notching cabinets, and using adhesives to secure sinks.
  • Works with most types of sinks, like ceramic, stainless steel, or cast iron undermounts.
  • Perfect for double bowl, bar, or ceramic vanity sinks.
  • It can be used when the countertops are installed.
  • Provide support and overall strength to your countertop installation by actually transferring all weight to the cabinet.
  • Supports the weakest part of the countertop, the sink cut out, as well as supporting the sink.
  • Fastest, most economical, and versatile system available today.

“The Hercules Sink Harness meets all Caesarstone requirements for mounting of undermount sinks”
~ Brian Brutting
Senior Customer Service &
Technical Specialist for Caesarstone USA.

Many fabricators are called upon to repair someone else’s poor sink installation job. This Sink Harness will do the job, and provide you the opportunity to be the one the contractor calls.

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