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Winbag Inflatable Shimming Tool

Winbag Inflatable Shimming Tool

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Winbag Inflatable Shimming Tool

Country of origin: Denmark

Our Price: $24.95  

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WINBAG - inflatable reusable shims

Winbag Inflatable Shimming Tool

This strong, inflatable air cushion lets you single-handedly position and adjust windows, heavy doors, household appliances and more. Just pump WINBAG up and adjust precisely to within a millimeter and lift up to 300 pounds easily. Even the strength of a six-year-old girl can pump it up. To remove, just release the valve. It's that easy!

The cushion-like WINBAG won't scratch or damage your project.


  • Window installation
  • Door installation
  • Cabinet installation
  • Counter top installation
  • Leveling appliances
  • Works great with shims
  • 300 Lbs. lifting capacity