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ADA Compliant Bracket

ADA Compliant Bracket

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Stone Pro ADA Compliant Countertop Support

Note: Made of 14 gauge steel, 475 Lbs Capacity Per Side

The four (4) front holes have a ¼”-20 thread. Hardware not included.

Country of origin: United States

Our Price: $99.95  

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Meets All Major Guidelines

The Aging of America is Coming And You Can Profit...

Stone Pro Countertop Support is ADA compliant and is one of the best ways to mount and secure wall vanities or desks so that you can ride one of the biggest trends of the next decade - the aging of America and the need for wheelchair access.

What you end up with is a natural stone countertop support that is wheelchair accessible. It can be set at the appropriate height for ease of use by anyone in a wheelchair.

How to Use:

The recommended mounting for this bracket would be to use 5/16” x 2” lag screws into a wooden stud. If mounting to a metal stud, use an equivalent alternative fastener such as a bolt and nut. A metal screw is not recommended. A secure mounting platform such as a stud will ensure maximum support. Failure to mount in such a manner could end in failure and possible injury. Make sure when being installed that all building codes are met and in full compliance with the ADA guidelines.

Mounting holes for apron and fascia panels will be dictated by width of project. End panels will be optional in lieu of application. Below is a guideline for pedestal quantities for the appropriate openings.

4’ span – 2 brackets
5’ span – 3 brackets
8’ span and larger – 4 brackets and on up with compliant spacing

Note: These pedestals are intended to be concealed. Make note that stone or a laminated panels of some sort of enclosure would be ideal for this application.

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