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Prosoco First Cut

Prosoco First Cut
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Prosoco Consolideck First Cut, 5 Gallon

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Country of origin: United States

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How to use First Cut from Consolideck

Prosoco First Cut

Lifts, suspends & clears concrete slurry solids.

Consolideck First Cut lifts concrete slurry solids away from the surface, suspends them, and clears the path for the diamonds. This keeps the slurry solids from interfering with the diamonds’ ability to remove the concrete surface, increasing efficiency and reducing clean up time between steps.


  • Minimizes scratches created during lower-grit diamond tooling steps
  • Makes post-grinding clean-up easier
  • Lifts and suspends slurry solids away from diamond tooling, allowing for faster bulk removal of concrete surface during grinding, increasing efficiency
  • Reduces labor and tooling costs
  • Extends the life of diamonds and shortens the project time line
  • Works well on new or existing concrete
  • Compatible with floors to be treated with Consolideck densifiers, dyes and protective treatments.