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Groves Shop Cart

Groves Shop Cart
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Groves Shop Cart With Casters (Model #DWC) thumbnail 55087

Groves Shop Cart With Casters (Model #DWC)

Specs: 47" L x 50" H x 22" W, 2,000 Lbs. Capacity, 3 Swivel Wheels and 1 Locking Wheel

Shelve Specs:
41" L x 13" W

Country of origin: China

Our Price: $212.00  

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Groves Shop Cart

An economic solution for every fabrication shop!

Groves DWC Light Shop Cart is specifically designed for moving light pieces of stone around the shop. It is equipped with 3 swivel casters for easier maneuverability. One of the swivel casters also has a wheel lock to make sure that the caster will not move or swivel for safe operation. It ensures that the cart is stable when loading or unloading stone pieces.