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Hercules Products

American-Made with American Steel. It's Just Better.

When You're Handling Heavy Stuff, Why Would You Trust Anything Less Than Hercules Material Handling Equipment?

Why American-Made Steel?

Think about it. Handling heavy, unwieldy stones is difficult and dangerous enough. Do you want to trust American-Made steel that is fabricated by American craftsmen, or do you want to place your trust in a foreign-made product that uses steel from who knows where? We place our trust in American steel.


Actually, no -- at least not when you buy through Braxton Bragg

You see, our Hercules handling equipment is competitively priced.


Because although American labor and steel is more expensive than foreign, a lot of material handling equipment has to be shipped via freight, we save you money on that freight by closely working with our carriers and getting the best prices.

We don’t make any money by charging you extra on top of what the actual freight costs are. Our freight costs are simply passed on to you as they are.

We believe that by having the lowest freight costs, even for the heavy stuff, allows you to afford more product with your hard earned money that you need in your shop on daily basis.

Rust? Forget about it!

One of the biggest enemies of material handling equipment that’s made of steel is water and rust. All of our Hercules equipment goes through a three-step process to insure a lasting finish and durability.

The finish offered on our products is the same finish that’s used on an $800,000 earth moving equipment. Simply put, it’s tough and made for extreme conditions.