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Fab King Fabrication Center

Fab King Fabrication Center
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Fab King Work Center

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Fab King Fabrication Center - Fab King Bowl Cut Outs - Demo

Fab King Fabrication Center

Why clutter your shop when ONE machine does it all?

The Fab King cuts sink holes, profiles edges, drills holes, polishes back splashes, and antiques, polishes, or hones surfaces.

Like a Swiss Army Knife For Your Shop - The Fab King combines the functions of a router, a drill press, an in-line back splash polishing machine, top polisher, and a radial arm sink cut out machine in one.

Real World Designed - Nobody knows a machine like a repairman. The designer of this machine has more than 20 years’ experience in the stone industry. Much of that time was spent trouble shooting and  repairing stone equipment. 220 volt, single phase power and off the shelf components guarantee maximum uptime.

Strong Backbone - Unlike other radial arm machines, the solid frame will not flex when the motor is under load. Edge profiling requires a solid structure and the Fab King delivers it with 4” industrial strength steel square tubing.

Full-Size Bed - Unlike smaller solutions, the Fab King fabrication bed offers a full 114” of linear travel and a 30” gantry travel.

Sink Cut-Outs in 8 Minutes! - The Fab King can cut out any sink shape using a template (which means no mistakes and precise dimensions) in as little as 8 minutes.

Save Your Core Bits! - It will drill holes in seconds without wobble and extend the life of your core bits. Offer the Latest “Leather” Surface Without Spending Big Money No need to inventory special slabs, with
Viper® Diamond Antiquing Brushes you can offer the latest finishes without the wait and expense of specials orders.

Profile Without Tears! - Unlike radial arm machines which can deflect 3/16” when fully extended and prevent true edge polishing, the Fab King  cantilevered frame design presents a square and true tooling surface. You can use all of your favorite router bits. No need for Plexiglass.

A Back Splash Machine for Free! - A bonus application is that this is the easiest back splash polishing system yet developed. The travel head runs true horizontal to insure a flat edge polish. You can use the 3-Step
Viper® Pad to obtain the fastest finish yet.

Quick Set-Up - If it’s delivered in the morning, you will be producing countertops by lunch. Unlike CNC machines, you don’t need long training programs and you won’t waste stone trying to figure out how it works.

Notice: Please read and understand the Owner’s Manual before operating any machinery to avoid damage or risk of bodily injury.