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Stone CNC Tooling And Diamond CNC Bits

Viper CNC tools run faster, last longer, and cost about 40% less than ADI...

Whether you need profiles, finger bits or core bits, we've got them ready for you.


When you’re in need of reliable CNC profiling wheels to profile lots of stone slabs, we offer our Viper CNC Tools

They are designed with a 6mm layer of diamonds on each profile wheel, are carefully balanced and come equipped with a standard 35mm bore to fit most every machine. 

These CNC Wheels come with 5 metal and 2 ceramic polishing steps, resulting in a finished edge that looks good and professional. We offer our Viper CNC Tooling in the most common profiles, such as the Radius, Ogee Straight, Double Eased, Full Bullnose, and a Straight, to mention a few.

Finger Bits…

We have CNC Finger Bits developed with new technology that allows for aggressive cuts through granite, engineered stone and marble with no chipping or ripping of material due to layered diamonds within the segments.

One of the best ways to extend the life of your CNC Profile Wheels is to use a Breaker Bit on the sharpest of edges, before running the edge profile wheels. We stock both the Single and Double Breaker Bits in 2, 3, and 4cm.

Core Bits…

For jobs that require a hole for any fixture or faucet, we offer KDrill Ultra-Thin CNC Core Bits. These CNC Core Bits last longer and cut much faster than others.

Fabricators Tip: Braxton-Bragg employs a full-time CNC Technician, Daryl, to support you and your CNC needs. Feel free to give Daryl a call on his direct line at 877-493-0394 with any questions or for more information on any of the products listed here.