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Diamut CNC Profile Wheels

Diamut CNC Tooling

For more than 30 years, Diamut has manufactured a complete range of diamond tools for stone, glass, and synthetic materials. Diamut tooling works on the majority of the machines on the market today.

Drastically Increase CNC Rates to Improve Production

HYS (Hyper Speed Solution) tooling marked a revolutionary turn for Diamut. This tooling drastically increases CNC feed rates to improve production. Carefully constructed of premium materials, and now with high-performance diamonds and bond.


  • Faster feed rates with lower AMP draws on the spindle, thus reducing the stress on the spindle and improving the spindle life
  • Tooling is proven by the market to last longer than competition
  • Better final edge/polish (option for position 5S with 800 grit)
  • Diamut is the only manufacture producing our own polish wheels
  • Stronger resins -lasting longer, more forgiving on sharp corners & in cases of lack of water