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In-Line Tooling

The Tooling You Need To Keep Your In-Line Machine Humming... 

Braxton-Bragg recently expanded our offerings for the most commonly used In-Line Tooling.

Including tooling for...

  • Horizontal In-Line Polishing Machinery
  • Vertical In-Line Polishing Machinery
  • C-Frame In-Line Machinery

For instance, we carry GlossFire-B (Formerly Toro B) Bullnose Profile Wheels and GlossFire-F (Formerly Toro F) Flat Edge Polishing Wheels. 

Under the C-Frame In-Line Tooling, you’ll find the popular GlossFire ProEdge (Formerly Toro ProEdge) Polishing System, our Viper 5-Step In-Line Polishing System, and Straight-Edge Flat Edge In-Line Polishing Wheels.

And when you’re in need of a snail lock adapter, consider the Scorpion Snail Lock Back-Up Pad Adapters, available in both 4” and 5”.

We also carry Hook & Loop Snail Lock Back-Up Pads.

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