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Viper In-Line Polishing System

This New System is Revolutionary in Both Design and Performance.

Introducing the Viper In-Line Polishing System...

In our initial testing on an In-Line Machine, we expected great results, and what we achieved is simply amazing!

Simply Put, Viper In-Line System Gives You a Better Shine than GlossFire Wheels!

This new system is unique in that it works on both your Vertical and your Horizontal In-Line Machines. There is no need to buy separate specific tooling for a particular machine. Now you can use this system on both platforms.

Old technology (like GlossFire) doesn't allow you to run the in-line machine at faster speeds. Doing so may damage the existing tooling in use by most fabricators. This means you are losing valuable time on every pass, every time. 

Fortunately, you no longer need to rely on old, outdated polishing technology.


Because with this new Viper In-Line Multi-Edge Polishing System you can run your in-line machine fast for the ultimate quality of shine. The results will amaze you - GUARANTEED!