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Akemi Stone Adhesives & Akepox Epoxy

Why does the stone industry call adhesive "Akemi"?

Simply because it was the first and remains the best!

4 Reasons Why Akemi Continues to Stand Tall Among the Competition...

One... Intensive research, continual product development and constant quality controls assure the innovation and quality leadership of Akemi Products.

Two... Quality, and innovation define Akemi.  Solutions have been developed for every problem and the right product for every task! Highly trained technical advisors are available. 

(Call your Braxton-Bragg rep with difficult questions and he will get the answers you need from Akemi.)

Three... Akemi's Quality Management System provides permanent quality control for production according to ISO 9001. Latest production and filling plants ensure the reliable premium quality of Akemi Products.

Four... Enviromentally Concious. Being part of the chemical industry Akemi is aware of the importance of environmental protection as well as product application and transportation security. Akemi considers this responsibility during development, selection of raw materials and production.