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Stone Shield Polyester Adhesives

Have You Tried These Best Sellers?

Stone Shield Flowing and Knife Grade adhesives are taking the fabricator world by storm.

Here's why...

Stone Shield Polyester Adhesive is available in both knife grade and flowing. This high quality polyester adhesive is made in the USA of the highest quality ingredients.

Stone Shield Transparent Polyester Adhesives
have been designed with the stone fabricator and installer in mind. Stone Shield has been engineered to have the best possible ratio of working time to curing speed possible.  Uses include bonding, laminating, installation of pieces and repairs.

NOTE: Because these products are made in the US and because shipping chemicals can be very expensive, these products offer superior benefits at a discount to similar imported brands.

Fabricator's Tip:
5 Gallons of Stone Shield Adhesive Now comes  In Ship Saver Packaging, 4 Individually Filled 1.25 Gallon Cans