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Adhesive Tints & Coloring Agents

Eliminates Ugly, Mis-Matched Seams...

Make sure all the effort you spent in the shop and on the jobsite doesn't go to waste when you apply tints, and coloring agents.

Braxton Bragg stocks and sells all Tints and Coloring Agents for matching seams and the look of natural stone. 

Granite adhesive coloring and tinting is easy thanks these quality coloring agents for polyester, as well as epoxy glues.  

Some of the proven brands we carry include Akemi Tints, Touchstone Polyester & Epoxy Tints, and K-Bond Pastes.

Fabricators Tip: If you work with Black Galaxy, Uba Tuba, Giallo Veneziano, Santa Cecillia, Blue Pearl, and Baltic Brown.... then make sure you check out K-Bond products. K-Bond has a specially formulated blends of coloring tints for jobs that include these unique natural stones.