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Power Adhesives Hot Melt Electric Glue Guns

Power Adhesives Hot Melt Electric Glue Guns
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Power Adhesives Hot Melt Tec 806-12mm Electric Glue Gun thumbnail 4841

Power Adhesives Hot Melt Tec 806-12mm Electric Glue Gun

Note: Uses #4848 Glue Sticks

Country of origin: Taiwan

Our Price: $49.95  
Power Adhesives Hot Melt Tec 805-15mm Electric Glue Gun thumbnail 4842

Power Adhesives Hot Melt Tec 805-15mm Electric Glue Gun

Note: Uses #4840 Glue Sticks

Country of origin: Taiwan

Our Price: $74.95  

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The Tec 806-12 Improved Quality And Low Cost

The Tec 806-12, replaces the Tec 805-12 glue gun. The new Tec 806-12 strikes a similar balance of quality, reliability and affordability as the class-leading 805-12, while boasting some useful additional features. These include a soft-grip handle to improve comfort, a more efficient eco melt chamber design for faster and easier adhesive application, a power cord increased in length from 2m to 3m, and protective moldings around the on/off switch to prevent accidental operation.

Even easier to use

With an improved heater housing, the Tec 806-12 is easier to use for longer. It has been designed to ensure optimum safety and user-comfort with a new soft-feel grip, and features an adjustable trigger, which means that alterations can be made to suit different hand sizes, or to achieve different outputs per trigger pull. It also includes a sturdy base, so it can be stood up between uses with no risk of the glue melting back. Plus, the 806-12 has been modelled with a narrow profile to aid visibility and ensure that adhesive can be accurately applied. It also has an easy-to-clean nozzle shroud, so any dried glue can be wiped off to keep your gun in good condition.

Fast warm-up

The Tec 806-12 has a fast heat up time of only 2-3 minutes from cold, so is ready for use almost immediately. It is fitted with an illuminated on/off switch, which now features a new molding to shield it, preventing it from being turned on or off by accident. The Tec 806-12 can also operate on any voltage from 110V to 240V due to its PTC self-regulating heater, offering users even more flexibility. The Tec 806-12 meets worldwide electrical standards and is covered by a 12 month warranty.

Tec 806-12

Low cost medium size industrial 12mm (½”) glue gun, eco melt chamber design for low power consumption, robust & easy to use. Medium output, 3 minute warm-up time & illuminated on/off switch.


  • Melt rate 1.8kg (4lbs)/hr
  • Glue size 12mm (1/2”) glue stick, or 15mm (3/8”) glue stick
  • Voltage 110-240V
  • Wattage 25W (250W)
  • Heater PTC
  • Temp Control Self-regulating heater
  • Hotmelt gun °C (°F) 195°C (380°F)
  • Lowmelt gun °C (°F) N/A
  • Power cable 3m (10 ft)
  • Weight 450g (16oz)
  • Packaging PET blister (10 per ctn)

If That's Not Enough, Check out the Tec 805-15 Mid-range high-output Glue Gun

The new Tec 805-15 is a professional, low cost, high-output, all-electric, mid-range glue gun. It offers outstanding value and performance for a gun of this size. The Tec 805-15 dispenses 15mm (5/8”) high performance tecbond glue sticks and can dispense 30% more molten glue from each trigger pull compared to similar sized 12mm (1/2”) glue guns. It holds nearly 60% more glue, so you need to reload less often.

Advantages are all of the same features of the Tec 805-12 PLUS:

  • Fitted with eco efficient self-regulating 30W (250W) heaters
  • Weighs only 450g (16 oz)
  • Designed to use standard 15mm (5/8”) tecbond high performance, hotmelt glue sticks
  • The Tec 805-15 is built to comply with worldwide industrial and electrical safety standards and covered by full one-year warranty
  • Takes 15mm (5/8”) glue sticks
  • Detachable stand with nozzle wrench
  • 12mm (1/2”) extension nozzle & rubber shroud