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Easy Mix Adhesive Dispenser

Easy Mix Adhesive Dispenser
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Touchstone Easy-Mix Adhesive Dispenser With Heater

Country of origin: United States

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Sometimes, There Really is a Better Way:

Introducing the Easy Mix Dispenser For Epoxy Adhesives...

Buy yourself time and eliminate throwing away epoxy that sets too fast. 

How is this possible?

Because the EASY-MIX Dispenser includes a heater to keep the epoxy warm. It's perfect for colder shops or for products with faster set times!

Fabricators Tip: To achieve perfect color matches, use two mix cups for the epoxy and hardener to keep them separate until color match is achieved. Add Touchstone tints to color match Part A, then add Part B from the separate cup.

Why we love it and you will too:

  • Heavy-duty
  • Pumps out your epoxy with the precise 2 to 1 mix ratio
  • Designed and tested to work with: Touchstone Edge System, Touchstone Express II Flowing, Touchstone Penetrating Epoxy