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Diamond Grinding Wheels And Tools

Grinding Tools and Cup wheels for Granite

When you need to remove more material than polishing will allow, you need quality grinding tools...

Grinding stone is one of the fastest ways to remove a lot of material without cutting.

On this page you'll find many different grinding tools.

  • Tools that reduce the amount of chipping...
  • Tools that allow a fabricator to get into tight corners for a clean, smooth finish.
  • And tools made specifically to support you  and your team in cleaning up countertop edges and sink bowl holes.

They work on granite, marble and quartz.

Fabricators Tip: By using cup wheels or Zero Tolerance Wheels, you can greatly extend the life of your polishing pads.

If you are looking for quick stock removal but would prefer a more gentle tool, check out our 30 Grit polishing pads. It works like a cup wheel, feels like a pad!

Try our Viper 30 Grit Polishing Pads

Viper 30 Grit Polishing Pads