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Diamond Drill Bits, Hole Saws, And Core Bits

If you need to make a hole, you’re on the right page…

Whether you prefer to work wet or dry, Braxton-Bragg has the tools you need... 

You’ll also find many core bit accessories on this page. Just click the picture on the left to get to the category you need. 

To get the best performance and longevity out of any core bit, please read and follow the manufacturer's RPM recommendations. Because running any core bit at an inappropriate speed will greatly reduce its useful life.

Money Saving Tip: All dry core bits sold by Braxton-Bragg can be used wet by simply reducing the RPM. When you do, it prolongs their life– which saves you money on overall tooling costs.

ATTN TILE PROS: Do you need to drill small holes in porcelain, glass or granite tile?  Look no further. RTC’s ProBits are the best drill bits that we have found for these materials.

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Your #1 Source for the Best Selling Dry Core Bits...

We only offer the best quality and most durable dry core bits within the industry for marble, granite or any other natural stone.

Don’t be fooled by imitations or low-quality, cheap core bits off the back of a truck or from a sweat shop in China.

Get bits that last and will perform in the shop or at the job site.

For instance...

When you see Viper, you know that these products are top notch and can be relied on! We stock Viper Dry Core Bits that come with Diamond Side Protection and can be used dry or wet.

And based on the number of these bits we've sold, fabricators simply love our Talon Dry Core Bits. These bits have been around for awhile and they are Our Best Sellers! The most popular are the 1-3/8” and they set a new standard for dry core bits in tool life.

Our dry core bits can be used wet or dry! When using them wet, reduce RPMs to the manufacturer's recommendation in order to prevent excess wear.

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