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Dekton Core Bits

Dekton Core Bits
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ItalDiamant Dekton Core Bit, 1-3/8” (35mm) thumbnail 55802

ItalDiamant Dekton Core Bit, 1-3/8" (35mm)

Thread: 5/8"-11
Speed: 3,000-3,500 RPM required
Feed Rate: 15-22mm per minute

Country of origin: Italy

Our Price: $105.95  

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Dekton Core Bits

Dekton Core Bits by ItalDiamant are specifically designed for use on Dekton, Neolith, Lapitec and other Ultra-Compact sintered porcelain products.  Fast, fine cutting with a minimal chipping. These products are certified and approved for use on this material by Cosentino.

Dekton is made from a mixture of inorganic raw materials found in glass, porcelain tile and natural quartz. The process by which it is made combines technologies from these three industries, resulting in a new advancement called Particle Sinterting Technology (PST). It is essentially an accelerated version of the metamorphic process or “change in form” that rocks and stone undergo in nature when subjected to heat and pressure over thousands of years.